Companion Plants for Clematis

Clematis is a stunning vine, known for its spectacular blooms and climbing ability. When considering how to best feature clematis in your garden, a key aspect to consider is its companion plants. Not only can the right companion plants enhance the overall aesthetic, but they can also provide structural support for the clematis to grow. Here we will discuss some of the best companion plants for clematis, especially for those grown in pots.

Best Companion Plants for Clematis in Pots

  1. Roses: Roses and clematis are classic planting companions. They not only complement each other aesthetically, but also have similar growing requirements. Their collaboration can create a stunning vertical display in pots.
  2. Hostas: The broad, lush leaves of hostas provide a lovely contrast to the tall, flowering stalks of clematis. They also create a fantastic undergrowth, providing shade to the clematis’ roots.
  3. Salvia: This sun-loving plant is an excellent contrast to clematis and can thrive in the same growing conditions. The salvia’s long spires pair well with the clematis’ sprawling vines.
  4. Climbing Hydrangea: This plant can provide a beautiful and sturdy backdrop for your clematis vine, with its solid structure and contrasting foliage and flowers.

Companion Plants for Clematis Vine

Creating a layered effect by planting tall shrubs or small trees at the back, shorter plants in the middle, and low-growers at the front can result in an appealing aesthetic. Consider using:

  1. Arborvitae: As evergreen plants, they provide year-round color and a sturdy structure for the clematis vine to climb.
  2. Lavender: Lavender plants work great as a companion for clematis vines. The soft, silvery foliage contrasts nicely with the bright blooms of the clematis, and their scent can also help deter pests.

Plants for Under Clematis

Choosing the right plants to grow under clematis can help keep its root system cool and moist, which is important for its growth. Suitable plants include:

  1. Ferns: Their lush greenery provides a soothing undergrowth for clematis, and their love for shade makes them ideal companions.
  2. Sweet Woodruff: This is a ground cover plant that spreads nicely and offers a pretty carpet of small white flowers beneath your clematis.

Where to Buy Clematis Plants

Clematis plants can be found in many nurseries and garden centers. You can also buy them online from reputable plant nurseries that ship nationwide. Always make sure to choose a healthy plant with a strong root system.


How to care for clematis in pots?

Clematis in pots need well-draining soil, regular watering, and feeding. Make sure the pot is large enough to accommodate the root system and provide a climbing structure for the vine.

Why is my clematis not flowering?

There could be several reasons, including not enough sunlight, too much nitrogen in the soil, or improper pruning.

What is the best time to plant clematis?

he best time to plant clematis is in the spring or early fall when the plant is dormant.

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