Do a Barrel Roll: The Quirky Google Trick

“Do a barrel roll” is a fun and quirky trick on Google that became popular due to its unexpected and surprising result. When you type “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search box and hit enter, the entire search results page performs a 360-degree spin, resembling a barrel roll maneuver in aerial combat. The phrase itself comes from a popular command in the classic Star Fox 64 video game.

The trick showcases Google’s use of modern web standards and browser capabilities. It’s not just for fun – it also showcases the power of CSS3, a technology used for web page animations. It’s a subtle demonstration of the advanced capabilities that modern web standards provide.

Google Gravity: Another Interesting Google Trick

Google Gravity is another neat Google trick. When you type “Google Gravity” into the search box and click “I’m feeling lucky”, you’ll see the usual Google homepages elements like the search box and buttons, but they all fall down as if gravity has taken hold of them. You can still use the search box in this “fallen” state, providing a unique, fun, and slightly chaotic user experience.

This trick is a part of Google’s larger collection of hidden “Easter eggs” – little surprises tucked away for users to find. It’s another demonstration of Google’s creative use of modern web technologies.

Zerg Rush: A Game Inside Google Search

Zerg Rush is another interesting Google trick that gamers will particularly appreciate. The term comes from the game StarCraft, where “zerg rush” referred to a strategy of overwhelming opponents with a large number of weak units, called Zergs.

When you search for “Zerg Rush” in Google, the “O’s” in Google’s logo start to fall and eat away at your search results. Your task is to click them and stop them from destroying your page. This turns your Google search into a mini-game, showcasing Google’s ingenuity and its aim to make the user experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Google Gravity Roll and Other Tricks

There are even more hidden Google tricks and Easter eggs to discover, like the “Google Gravity Roll”. By typing this phrase into the search box, the search results start to roll and flip in a gravity-affected manner. This is similar to the “do a barrel roll” trick but with a different animation effect.

Google Doodle: Art Meets Search

“Doodle for Google” is a different aspect of Google’s creative endeavors. It refers to the artistic changes made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. These custom logos, known as “Google Doodles”, are a way for Google to commemorate important events and people, often with interactive elements and games.


How can I make Google do a barrel roll?

Type "do a barrel roll" in the Google search box and hit enter. The search results page will then perform a 360-degree spin.

What happens when you search for "Google Gravity"?

When you type "Google Gravity" into the search box and click "I'm feeling lucky", the elements on the Google homepage fall down as if affected by gravity.

Can I play a game on Google?

Yes, Google has many hidden games. For example, if you search for "Zerg Rush", a mini-game starts where you try to stop the "O's" in Google's logo from eating your search results.

Where can I find more Google tricks?

There are many Google tricks, or Easter eggs, hidden within the search engine. Just search for "Google Easter eggs" or "Google tricks" to find more.

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