Emilio Osorio Professes His Love for Karol Seville

The House of Celebrities has evolved into a significant spectacle, captivating audiences and generating myriad stories, gossip, and relationship confirmations amongst the world’s most high-profile personalities.


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The most recent revelation pertains to the romantic liaison between Emilio Osorio and Karol Seville. Amidst the festive environment set by the production team for the housemates, Karol’s songs began playing subtly in the background. Emilio, seemingly irritated by the music choice, insinuated that it had been deliberately picked to provoke him.

Karol Seville

Karol Seville: Celebrating Her Best Friend’s Birthday

In a heartfelt display of affection, Karol Seville, best known for her leading role in “Soy Luna,” penned a touching message for her brother on his 30th birthday. She referred to him as the best coworker, friend, role model, and mentor, expressing pride in being his sister.

A somewhat playful aspect of the celebration that fans noticed was Emilio’s phone case featuring his own face, prompting a barrage of comments and laughter amongst the fandom.


Who is Karol Seville?

Karol Seville is a renowned Mexican actress and singer, most popularly recognized for her leading role in the Disney Channel Latin America series "Soy Luna."

Who is Emilio Osorio?

Emilio Osorio is a well-known Mexican actor and singer, recognized for his role in various Mexican telenovelas. He recently confirmed his relationship with Karol Sevilla on The House of Celebrities.

What is the relationship between Karol Seville and Emilio Osorio?

Karol Seville and Emilio Osorio are currently dating. This was confirmed on the popular reality show, The House of Celebrities, where Emilio expressed his love for Karol.

What is The House of Celebrities?

The House of Celebrities is a reality television show that has become a sensation. It often serves as a platform for celebrity news and gossip, including confirmation of relationships.

What is the significance of Emilio's phone case?

In a birthday celebration post for her brother, Karol shared a photo that featured Emilio's phone case with his own face. This ignited a flurry of playful comments from fans, becoming a notable topic of discussion.

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