Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Manicure Trend: Natural Coffin Tip Nails to Inspire Your Next Look

Jennifer Lopez has once again set a new trend with her latest nail shape, affectionately referred to by her manicurist as “natural coffin tips.” Known for her creativity in nail design, J.Lo never fails to impress. Just a few months ago, she showcased her ballerina’s nails, and now she’s given them a subtle but remarkable update with these coffin-tip nails.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has a penchant for natural-looking manicures. Whether it’s the delicate milky micro French nails or the glossy lipgloss nails, she consistently embraces understated elegance. As for nail shapes, she has long favored almond-shaped nails, although recently, she has been leaning towards a more angular version. Her current manicure features a nude nail polish base, but the nail shape itself deviates from her usual style.

Taking to Instagram, J.Lo shared three stunning selfies that put her nails in the spotlight. It’s not just her pose that catches the eye; the golden 3-D stickers, piercings, and gems adorning her nails demand attention. Behind this exquisite look is none other than Tom Bachik, the celebrity nail artist responsible for all of the actor’s manicures. He also posted the pictures on his Instagram, describing the nail shape as “natural coffin tips.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez's Latest Manicure Trend: Natural Coffin Tip Nails to Inspire Your Next Look

But what exactly are natural coffin nails? They are a variation of ballerina nails, characterized by an angular shape with straight sides at the top of the nail tip. The sides gradually narrow towards the top, creating a distinct coffin-like appearance. Coffin nails can be worn on both short and long nails, contributing to their rising popularity. The more subtle the tapering effect towards the top, the more natural the “coffin” effect appears. In Jennifer Lopez’s case, the tapering is quite slight, giving it the name “natural coffin nails” due to its more subdued and organic look.

If you’re in need of inspiration for your next manicure, take a cue from Jennifer Lopez and embrace the allure of natural coffin tip nails.

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