Melissa Rauch’s Advice: Embracing Change and Empowering Women

Melissa Rauch, the popular actress from The Big Bang Theory and the upcoming film The Bronze, graciously shares her advice and suggestions with us.

We find ourselves at that time of the year again when New Year’s resolutions have faded away, and our old habits resurface. I understand that personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. This realization struck me while filming my latest movie, The Bronze, where I portray Hope Annabelle Greggory, a former bronze-medal-winning gymnast who shamelessly continues to bask in her local-hero status years later. Through this role, I learned a great deal about the difficulties of being stuck in a monotonous routine. That’s why it’s essential to give your life a thorough spring cleaning and adopt fresh, uplifting mantras that will propel you forward not only in 2016 but also beyond. Allow me to share some insights!


  • Stay true to yourself: I’ve always been a dedicated follower of rules. If a shampoo bottle said “Lather, rinse, stab a bitch,” I’d find myself in jail. Like many women, I tend to lean towards people-pleasing. What I admire about Hope is her refusal to conform and her determination not to tolerate any nonsense. This doesn’t mean you should confront everyone you encounter; simply strike a balance between being a pushover and being overly aggressive.
  • Embrace change: Don’t assume that the look you rocked in your glory days still suits you perfectly. I won’t lie; I feel most confident when my bangs are bold and in control. (Every day, I resist the urge to tease them with a big round brush and hairspray, fighting against my inner Jersey girl.) However, at some point, we must acknowledge when it’s time to let go of the familiar and try something new.
  • Love what you have: In the case of Hope, being a gymnast requires her to tape down her breasts, which meant I spent the entire filming period wrapped in Ace bandages. I’ve always felt self-conscious about my own breasts, but experiencing not seeing them made me appreciate them more. To put it simply, we often fail to recognize the value of something until it’s no longer there. Start appreciating and embracing what you have.
  • Focus on your own journey: In today’s world, it’s increasingly challenging to avoid comparing ourselves to others. Social media can drown us in a sea of inferiority, where we witness others enjoying extravagant experiences while we sit on our couches wearing robes with oatmeal stains from the day before. The best remedy I’ve discovered is to concentrate on my own growth, the lessons I’ve learned, and the progress I’ve made. True happiness arises when we accept and embrace our current stage in life, flaws and all.
  • Support fellow women: There’s immense power in uplifting and empowering other women. When we join forces and encourage each other, only good things can emerge. Real women empower one another.
  • Seek wisdom from your future self: Whenever I find myself unable to make a decision or trapped in an anxious cycle, I envision myself as an elderly woman and seek her counsel. It may sound peculiar, but this perspective provides clarity, especially when she reminds me, “You won’t give a damn about this when you’re my age!”

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