Milania Giudice Opens Up About Dramatic Weight Loss and Family Dynamics

Seventeen-year-old Milania Giudice recently shared her experience of losing weight, attributing it to the influence of her well-known family members, including her sisters. During a candid conversation on her mother Teresa Giudice’s podcast, “Namaste Bitches,” Milania reflected on her weight loss journey during a transformative phase in middle school. She humorously referred to this period as a “weird era” and credited her appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey as the catalyst that motivated her to shed 40 pounds. Recalling her past self, Milania described herself as significantly heavier and feeling trapped within her own body. Seeking support from her mother, she enlisted the help of a nutritionist and succeeded in losing 50 pounds over a few months, later revising the figure to 40 pounds.

During the interview, Teresa expressed doubts about the numbers, but Milania remained steadfast, asserting that she had gone from weighing around 150 pounds to 110 pounds. While her mother never directly criticized her weight, there were subtle remarks made along the way. Milania shared instances where her mom would comment on her food choices, teasingly saying things like, “Another ice cream?” However, Milania adopted a carefree attitude, emphasizing that she was unbothered by her weight and would enjoy an ice cream regardless of judgment.

Teresa, aged 51, clarified that she found her daughter adorable during that time and was careful not to instill body image issues by pressuring her to lose weight. She described Milania as slightly heavier and emphasized that her intention was never to make her feel uncomfortable. Milania also opened up about her sisters, Gia (22), Gabriella (18), and Audriana (13), occasionally making playful remarks about her weight, particularly as she transitioned into middle school, which had an impact on her self-perception.

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In November 2019, Teresa had previously mentioned that Milania had lost approximately 40 pounds due to the family’s challenges, such as her father Joe Giudice’s legal troubles and deportation. Teresa acknowledged the hardships they faced and the effect they had on her daughters. She mentioned that Milania had sought therapy and experienced academic struggles but was now excelling in school and had successfully lost over 40 pounds.

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