Negin Behazin, MD, MSc: An Influential Figure in Family Medicine

Dr. Negin Behazin, MD, MSc, is a distinguished figure in the field of family medicine, currently serving as the President of Dignity Health in Garden Grove, CA. Her story is one of dedication, resilience, and commitment to the welfare of others. But who exactly is Dr. Negin Behazin? And what has been her journey in medicine?

Early Life and Education

Early Years

Dr. Negin Behazin’s life began far from the clinical settings she now navigates with such expertise. Raised in an environment that nurtured her curiosity and ambition, her early years laid the groundwork for her future achievements.

Higher Education

Negin Behazin went on to pursue higher education, driven by her interest in health and wellness. She delved deep into her studies, earning both an MD and an MSc, foundational blocks for her future medical career.

Professional Journey

First Steps into Medicine

After completing her education, Dr. Behazin stepped into the professional world of medicine. The journey was not always easy, but with unwavering determination, she found her footing and began making her mark.

Specializing in Family Medicine

Over time, she found her calling in family medicine, a specialty that allowed her to cater to people of all ages and foster long-term relationships with patients. Family medicine resonated with her values, and she committed herself to it wholeheartedly.

Role at Dignity Health

Achievements and Contributions

As the President of Dignity Health, Dr. Behazin has championed high-quality healthcare access for all. Her tenure is marked by considerable improvements in patient care and service delivery, reflecting her commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Dr. Negin Behazin’s Lifestyle

Alongside her busy professional life, Dr. Behazin maintains a balanced lifestyle. She firmly believes in the importance of self-care and makes time for personal growth and wellness amidst her hectic schedule.

Family Life

Family is at the heart of Dr. Behazin’s world. While details about her specific family members remain private, it is clear that they are a fundamental source of support and motivation in her life.

The Impact of Dr. Negin Behazin

In the Field of Medicine

Dr. Behazin’s work in family medicine has had a profound impact, helping countless patients and inspiring new generations of healthcare professionals. Her dedication to her field is evident in her vast contributions to medicine.

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On the Community

Beyond the medical field, Dr. Behazin influences her community positively. She exemplifies leadership and compassion, qualities that make her an invaluable member of her community in Garden Grove, CA.


In summary, Dr. Negin Behazin’s journey from her early education to her current position as the President of Dignity Health is a testament to her determination, dedication, and the indomitable spirit she brings to family medicine. She stands as an inspiring figure, reminding us that with passion and perseverance, we can make a real difference in the world.


What is Dr. Negin Behazin's profession?

Dr. Negin Behazin is a professional in the field of Family Medicine. She specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages. Currently, she is serving as the President of Dignity Health in Garden Grove, CA.

Where is Dr. Behazin currently based?

Dr. Behazin is currently based in Garden Grove, California, where she works as the President of Dignity Health.

What are Dr. Negin Behazin's qualifications?

Dr. Negin Behazin holds an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and an MSc (Master of Science). These qualifications, coupled with her years of experience in family medicine, make her an esteemed professional in her field.

What has been Dr. Behazin's impact in family medicine?

Dr. Behazin has made a significant impact in the field of family medicine through her dedicated service and leadership. She has touched countless lives with her patient-centric approach to care and has championed improvements in service delivery during her tenure as the President of Dignity Health.

What is her role at Dignity Health?

At Dignity Health, Dr. Negin Behazin serves as the President. She oversees the provision of healthcare services, ensuring they are delivered at the highest standard. She's also instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence and compassion within the organization.

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