Percy Hynes White: An Unstoppable Force in the Acting World

Percy Hynes White, a talented Canadian actor, has earned considerable acclaim for his impressive performances across numerous films and television shows. Known for his diverse roles, from horror to comedy, White’s versatility shines through his body of work. One of his most recognized roles was in films like “Edge of Winter” and “A Christmas Horror Story.” Besides, his portrayal of Andy Strucker in the TV series “The Gifted” is widely appreciated. Since 2022, he has been garnering attention for his starring role as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix comedy-horror series “Wednesday”.

Early Life and Education

Born into a family with artistic roots, White is the son of Sherry White and Joel Thomas Hynes, both acclaimed writers and actors. His interest in the performing arts was kindled at an early age. White spent his initial years studying acting at a performing arts group in his hometown, St. John’s, for two years. This training helped him lay a strong foundation for his acting career.

Career Overview

White embarked on his acting career with his debut role as Keith in the film “Down to the Dirt.” His performances have consistently been appreciated, leading to an ever-growing list of roles in film and television. He gained further recognition in 2022 when he portrayed the character of Xavier Thorpe in the series “Wednesday.”


White’s filmography exhibits his range as an actor, showcasing his roles in various genres, from drama to horror. Starting his career in 2008 with “Down to the Dirt,” White went on to work in films such as “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” “A Christmas Horror Story,” “Edge of Winter,” and “I Like Movies.” His upcoming projects include “My Old Ass” and “Winter Spring Summer or Fall,” which are eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike.

In terms of television roles, White has had significant roles in shows such as “The Slattery Street Crockers,” “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Between,” and “The Gifted.” In 2022, he landed a main role in the Netflix series “Wednesday” as Xavier Thorpe, a role that has only increased his global popularity.


Percy Hynes White’s performances have not gone unnoticed. His portrayal of Andy Strucker in “The Gifted” earned him a nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Teen Actor at the 39th Young Artist Awards in 2018.


How did Percy Hynes White start his acting career?

Percy Hynes White began his acting career with the film "Down to the Dirt" in which he played the role of Keith.

What is Percy Hynes White known for?

White is known for his roles in films like "Edge of Winter" and "A Christmas Horror Story," and in TV series such as "The Gifted" and "Wednesday."

Who are Percy Hynes White's parents?

Percy Hynes White's parents are Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, both of whom are accomplished actors and writers.

What is Percy Hynes White's latest role?

As of 2022, Percy Hynes White's latest role is as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix series "Wednesday."

Has Percy Hynes White received any awards?

While Percy Hynes White has not won any awards as of now, he was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Teen Actor at the 39th Young Artist Awards in 2018 for his role in "The Gifted."

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