Planned Temporary Closure of Swiftcurrent Area in Glacier National Park: A Proposal for Critical Infrastructure Upgrades

The National Park Service has proposed a plan to shut down the Swiftcurrent area of Glacier National Park, located in the state of Montana, for a limited period of time to allow for crucial infrastructure enhancements. Positioned in the northeastern corner of Glacier National Park, Swiftcurrent serves as home to the widely appreciated Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. The proposed closure, if implemented, would necessitate the temporary shutdown of the inn during the construction phase.

The rationale for this proposal revolves around the necessary infrastructure improvements that the area demands. The proposed closure period would extend from the fall of 2024 till the spring of 2026. This timeframe has been designated to facilitate the proposed road and parking upgrades, as well as the replacement of the existing water system.

During the summer of 2025, access to the developed Swiftcurrent area would largely be restricted for the public if the proposal is brought into action. Nonetheless, day hiking on the trail system originating from the Swiftcurrent area would be accommodated. The impacts of this proposal on visitors are anticipated to be most significant during July and August of 2025 when services typically accessible to the public would be unavailable.

However, it’s important to note that during the fall and spring shoulder seasons, there would be little change in the service availability. This is primarily because the services in the area are typically non-operational during these times.

Public commentary on this proposal has been invited until July 30. This decision-making approach has been adopted to ensure public transparency and uphold the democratic values of our nation.

In regard to the transparency of the National Parks Traveler, the organization that informs and educates about national parks and protected areas, financial statements may be procured by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to their office located in Park City, Utah. This nonprofit organization is registered in Utah and it operates with the purpose of disseminating knowledge about our national parks.

Residents of several states such as Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington can also obtain copies of financial and additional information about the National Parks Traveler through specific procedures stated by their respective state laws.

In conclusion, the proposal for a temporary closure of the Swiftcurrent area in Glacier National Park underlines the commitment of the National Park Service to enhancing the visitor experience. While there may be temporary inconveniences, these improvements aim to provide a more sustainable and enjoyable park experience in the long run.

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