Political Turmoil in Maharashtra: Ajit Pawar’s Strategic Move and its Repercussions

Maharashtra’s political sphere has recently been rattled by a significant shift in power dynamics. Ajit Pawar, a prominent leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), has stirred a substantial controversy through his unexpected alliance with the Eknath Shinde government. The repercussions of this move are far-reaching and have brought the state’s political equation to a new light. Let’s delve into the ten key points that highlight this political reshuffling.

Ajit Pawar’s Meetings with Devendra Fadnavis:

In a bold move, Ajit Pawar decided to break away from his political roots and join hands with the Eknath Shinde government as the Deputy Chief Minister. His decision created an immediate rift within the NCP. Pawar’s meeting with Devendra Fadnavis, just hours after meeting the rebel NCP MLAs, was reportedly aimed at discussing the power-sharing formula. As sources reveal, talks were held regarding ministry allocations for Pawar and the eight NCP MLAs who switched their loyalties to the Shinde-led government.

Sharad Pawar’s Show of Strength:

Sharad Pawar, Ajit Pawar’s uncle and the founding member of the NCP, responded to this political switch by visiting the memorial of his mentor and Maharashtra’s first chief minister, Yashwantrao Chavan, in Satara district. This visit was interpreted as a show of strength following Ajit’s surprising decision. Sharad Pawar has openly criticized BJP’s attempts to dismantle opposition parties, vowing to rebuild the NCP, and launching his fight against communal forces.

NCP’s Legal Move Against Ajit Pawar:

In an attempt to maintain the integrity of the party, NCP has taken legal recourse. The party has submitted a petition to Rahul Narvekar, the Speaker of the Maharashtra assembly, seeking the disqualification of Ajit Pawar and his eight loyalists. The party has accused these members of willingly giving up their NCP membership by joining the Shinde-led government.


What is the current political crisis in Maharashtra?

The political crisis in Maharashtra refers to the recent move by NCP’s Ajit Pawar to join the Eknath Shinde government as Deputy Chief Minister. This move has caused a rift within the NCP and has led to discussions on power-sharing and disqualification petitions.

Why did Ajit Pawar join the Shinde-led government?

Ajit Pawar has not explicitly stated his reasons for joining the Shinde-led government. However, sources indicate that his move was aimed at securing the Deputy Chief Minister position and discussing power-sharing.

What is Sharad Pawar’s stance on this political switch?

Sharad Pawar, the founder of the NCP and Ajit Pawar’s uncle, has criticized the BJP for trying to dismantle opposition parties. He has vowed to fight against such forces and rebuild his party.

How is the NCP reacting to Ajit Pawar’s decision?

The NCP has reacted by submitting a petition to the Speaker of the Maharashtra assembly, seeking the disqualification of Ajit Pawar and his eight loyalists.

Is the family feud the reason for this political shift?

Despite the political tension, Sharad Pawar has maintained that there is no problem within the family and that every member is free to make their own political decisions.

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