The Identification and Names of Red Leaf Plants for Indoor and Outdoor in Florida

Red leaf plants can bring a splash of color and a unique aesthetic to both indoor and outdoor settings. They come in various shapes and sizes, with some bearing flowers in pink, white, and yellow, while others have green trims. For gardening enthusiasts in Florida, this article will guide you through the identification of some popular red-leaf plants that thrive in this region.

Identifying Red Leaf Plants

  1. Red Aglaonema: Known for their strikingly bright foliage, these plants have leaves that range from pink to red, often with green trims. They’re low maintenance, making them perfect for indoor use, and they can be identified by their long, pointed leaves and occasionally white flowers.
  2. Cordyline fruticosa: Often known as the Ti plant, this tropical beauty showcases leaves in a variety of colors, including various shades of red. It may be recognized by its tall, slender leaves and the pink or yellow flowers it produces outdoors.
  3. Begonia: These plants are identified by their beautiful asymmetric leaves, often with a red underside and green trim. Certain varieties bear pink, white, or yellow flowers.
  4. Coleus: Known for their dramatic, mosaic-like leaves, Coleus can have a main red body with green trim. They might be adorned with white, pink, or yellow flowers.
  5. Japanese Maple: Although an outdoor plant, the Japanese Maple is worth mentioning for its beautiful, delicate red leaves. It doesn’t typically bloom in Florida due to its preference for colder climates, but it can still be a valuable addition to any garden.

Caring for Red Leaf Plants in Florida

Florida’s subtropical climate is ideal for many red leaf plants. These plants generally require well-drained soil and partial to full sun exposure, though some may prefer shade. Indoor red leaf plants may need bright, indirect light and humid conditions. Remember, each plant has specific needs, so research your chosen plant’s requirements carefully.


Why are some plant leaves red?

Red plant leaves contain pigments called anthocyanins, which give them their red color. These pigments protect the plant from UV radiation, cold temperatures, and pests.

How can I care for my red leaf plant?

Caring for red leaf plants typically involves providing sufficient light, watering adequately but not excessively, ensuring the right temperature and humidity, and providing proper nutrients through soil and fertilizers.

What is the best way to identify a red leaf plant?

The best way to identify a red leaf plant is through its leaf shape, color pattern, and any flowers it may produce. Consulting with a local nursery or using a plant identification app can also be helpful.

Can red leaf plants grow in Florida?

Yes, many red leaf plants can grow in Florida's subtropical climate, both indoors and outdoors. Some may need specific care to thrive in the region's hot, humid weather.

Are there red leaf plants with green trim?

Yes, plants such as the Red Aglaonema and certain varieties of Begonia and Coleus often have red leaves with green trim.

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