The Perks of Incorporating Cold Brew Coffee in Your Café’s Menu

As summer temperatures soar, so does the demand for refreshing, chilled beverages. One such popular drink is cold brew coffee. But why should this be a staple item on your café’s menu? Here are four compelling reasons to serve cold brew coffee throughout the year.

  1. Embrace the Cold Brew Trend: The Allegra Project Cafe Europe 2020 report indicates that cold brew coffee is fast gaining traction, especially in Northern Europe. This rising popularity aligns with the increasing demand for specialty coffee in the European coffee landscape. Initially, a specialty of niche coffee shops, cold brew has found its way into the summer menus of major coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. By adding cold brew to your café offerings, you align with current trends and cater to an expanding consumer demographic.
  2. Simplicity in Preparation: The process of making cold brew coffee is quite straightforward. As indicated by its name, it doesn’t require hot water or complex equipment, which makes it a low-cost addition to your café. The primary requirements are ground coffee (akin to the type used for filter/drip coffee), cold water, and a brewing device like a Toddy Brewer. Do note, however, that making cold brew is a test of patience as it usually takes between 12-16 hours.

If you’re constrained by time or space, consider using ready-to-use solutions like the Paulig Cold Brew Concentrate.

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  1. Profitable Proposition: From a financial perspective, the cost of preparing cold brew coffee is comparable to brewing filter coffee or creating espresso-based beverages. However, its novel nature allows you to charge a slightly higher price, presenting it as a luxury for your customers. Furthermore, introducing upscale cold brew cocktails can increase your café’s revenue per drink, significantly boosting your profits. Here’s a brief comparison of the typical prices for various coffee drinks in Helsinki’s downtown area:
  • Filter coffee: €3.00, Profit: €2.00
  • Cappuccino: €3.50, Profit: €2.40
  • Caffé latte: €4.50, Profit: €2.90
  • Cold brew with milk: €4.50, Profit: €3.00
  • Cold brew mocktail: €5.20, Profit: €3.20

(Note: These figures are rough estimates and actual profits may differ depending on your café’s cost and pricing structures.)

  1. An Array of Possibilities: One of the most attractive aspects of cold brew coffee is its versatility. Whether you serve it with milk, incorporate it into a cocktail, or even offer it as a sparkling lemonade or affogato, the options are practically endless. Given its typically less acidic and sweeter profile compared to filter coffee, it pairs excellently with milk and lemonade. Its versatility also extends to the culinary world, enabling you to include unique dishes such as whiskey-infused cold brew coffee cheesecake on your menu.

In conclusion, adding cold brew coffee to your café’s offerings has several benefits. It helps you keep pace with current trends, requires minimal investment, enhances profitability, and provides boundless opportunities for creativity. Don’t delay, start brewing today!

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